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In this article, we are diving deeper into the current state of the Metaverse and Web3 concepts, examining the reasons behind the hype, the challenges facing these emerging technologies, and whether they are indeed dead or still have the potential to transform the internet most of the Metaverse connoisseurs call outdated.

2023-03-02 / By Edi Titov

Hundreds of articles on not overloading yourself and avoiding burning out circling the internet. Learn how to say no or achieve a perfect work-life balance…

2022-11-15 / By Edi Titov

What is the secret of creating a good-looking product or a service? How design impacts consumer behavior and what are the key principles in user interface design?

2022-11-14 / By Alex Sipkevich

SocialFi has been on the rise for a couple of years. More Web2.0 projects are exploring options of joining the boundless Metaverse and allowing users to interact with others in a brand new, more engaging way.

2022-11-14 / By Alex Sipkevich

What is product prototyping, and how can it make a startup more cost-efficient? Learn how to cut development spending and release a product that requires minimum bug fixes.

2022-11-07 / By Edi Titov

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